Terry and Hotel Linen Service Program Offers Comprehensive Quality & Control

Hotel linen rental services offer benefits around the clock

Imagine no more inventory, no more purchasing, no more shortages and a fresh new injection of luxurious hotel linens every month.  With Rooms Laundry Supply service, Prestige can take the entire burden of managing hotel linen service off your plate, saving you innumerable hours in inventory management, processing, budgeting and quality control.

Rooms Laundry Supply service gives you access to a wide selection of 60/40 blend linens in addition to two types of terry packages, RFID tagged sheets, duvets, and household items, RFID hardware and software-- plus easy online access to invoices and shipping manifests.  Our hotel linen group is committed to maintaining a healthy 6 par of goods to keep the hotel linen service goods vibrant, and to keeping the terry fresh and fluffy.

Hotel linen service delivers outstanding quality and service

Our commercial linen service features room goods purchased through reputable third party suppliers, like Standard Textile or Ty Group, to ensure consistent quality and reliability with our inventory.  Our hotel laundry service managers provide deep oversight to ensure the superior quality of our commercial linen service.

Commercial laundry service customers that experience heavy hotel linen service use, may elect to take deliveries up to 2 par per day, and store the items on-site to prevent shortages. To fill any gaps, Prestige will continue to offer its hotel linen rental service delivery and pick-up 7 days per week, 365 days per year. 

Contact Prestige today at 866-492-2244 to learn how our laundry management services, can benefit your hotel.