Commercial Laundry Service Practices for a Cleaner Environment

Sustainable practices underlie all our hotel laundry services

Prestige is a sustainable practices leader in the hospitality industry.  We have an extensive green initiative program that includes energy conservation, solar energy Hotel laundry services company green practiceswater heating and non-toxic cleaning methods. 

Environmental best practices are an integral part of our valet and hotel laundry services. Reducing our energy usage allows us to deliver numerous cost savings and quality improvement benefits to  clients. We utilize heat and water reclamation processes that result in tremendous cost savings, upwards of 50%, while actually improving the wash cycle quality.

Environmental consciousness is a vital element of day-to-day hotel laundry services 

We don’t just talk about being green; we exemplify it every day in actions that range from turning off idle machines and lights, to complicated measures like manipulating boiler gas usage. These measures are taken in our own facilities and as part of all hotel laundry management services and linen rental services.

A fleet of fuel efficient vehicles is able to manage traffic more efficiently, allowing us to deliver reliable, punctual hotel laundry services. We also use wet cleaning, a non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning that is the only commercial laundry service cleaning method recognized by the EPA as environmentally friendly

Some of our hotel laundry service green initiatives

  • Recyclable hangers for all uniform laundry service shirts and jackets
  • Low temperature washing at all our commercial laundry service facilities effectively reduces energy use by 30% resulting in client savings
  • Paperless billing & invoicing through LinenMaster hotel laundry management system consolidates and simplifies while saving trees
  • Machine controlled use of plastic bags for valet and uniform laundry service means that plastic waste is always kept to a minimum

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